About Us

Chairman’s Message

“The principal objective upon which the MTWA vision was built, is to provide reliable maintenance and operation services to give businesses a sense of assurance towards outsourcing all such services.

By providing high quality products and services, in a timely manner, efficiently and competitively, at MTWA we guarantee that businesses no longer have to bare the burden of maintenance and operations. More importantly, the value delivered by MTWA extends beyond the high-quality products and services we dependably provide, as we equip businesses with more flexibility and focus on their core businesses whilst we handle all maintenance and operation as their trusted business partner.

MTWA essentially operates in several sectors including Energy, Industrial and Construction. Through our customer-centric approach, we are able to sustain strong leadership across all sectors in which we operate. From simple trouble-shooting calls, to extensive consultancy services, we consistently aim to provide a holistic customer experience to keep our customers happy and their customers happy too. 

The advantage of representing multinational brands is that not only do we guarantee high quality, but we also take full responsibility for our products. This further emphasises our ‘customer first’ motto. We are not here just to sell you products, the sale is just the beginning of a long-term relationship between us.’’


Salah Mubarak Elmahdi